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 Cool fitness tips, healthy recipes, and be the first to find out when we open up registration again for our online programs
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Ryan and Rebecca Hinton have been in the business of helping people reach their health and wellness goals since 2011. Since that time, they have helped hundreds of people find success in achieving physical results, increasing energy, and improving their quality of life overall. Together they bring a unique combination professional experience along with life experiences that have fueled their passion for fitness and nutrition.  

Rebecca has been a fitness industry professional in Nashville, Tennessee for the past 10 years, and has been certified to teach a variety of group fitness formats. In 2008 she founded her own fitness business,®, and trademarked her own brand of dance fitness called b.fab.funk® The last nine years have been the realization of a childhood dream to share her passion for dance with others and positively impact the community. She has been recognized by Nashville Lifestyles Magazine as one of the best dance workouts in Nashville and has been featured by StyleBlueprint in their FACES series which highlights women who are making a difference in their city. 

 Over the years, has become a fitness “home” to hundreds of people, as well as a place where people gather to find joy, friendship, encouragement, and support. The offerings at have expanded over the last four years to include a format for strength and toning called b.fab.body. This is a great compliment to the cardio dance offerings and an area that will continue to grow. Rebecca believes the keys to success and longevity for both and for the individuals she works with are COMMUNITY and FUN! The accountability and support that community provides along with being in relationships with people who share common goals can make all the difference and can keep people on track for the long haul. And having fun…well, that one is obvious!  
Ryan was responsible for the health and wellness of thousands of employees over the course of an 18 year career as a corporate executive. He has always had a strong foundation in nutrition and fitness education. In March of 2012, he retired from the corporate world to focus on their fitness and nutrition businesses. At that time, Ryan discovered his passion as a full-time nutrition and wellness coach helping others look, feel, and perform better. 

As an athlete through high school, he maintained an active lifestyle and enjoyed running, biking, tennis and golf. However, in 2003, following a successful battle with a Stage 3 Melanoma a passion was fueled for studying nutrition. He was fascinated by how what we put into our body impacts our health, prevents disease, and became laser focused on remaining as physically fit and healthy as possible. Over the past few years, he has focused on taking his fitness to the next level and improving his body composition. He began to enjoy weightlifting, kettlebell, and bootcamp workouts. He has also been working with a CrossFit Coach 3 and 4 times a week for individual coaching sessions. Ryan brings experience in utilizing various nutrition plans to achieve the desired results. At 45 years old, he has decreased his body fat to 11% and is in the best shape of his life. He recently joined forces with Rebecca at, and is leading kettle bell and bootcamp workouts. He is an incredible teacher and a born encourager!  

Ryan and Rebecca love helping individuals physically transform into the best possible versions of themselves. By focusing on their nutrition and exercise programs we have coached athletes to perform better, helped many regain their health by losing in excess of 100 pounds, and helped others "turn back the clock”, or take their fitness to the next level. They are looking forward to bringing the offerings of online so that more people can have access to the FUN and COMMUNITY along with the FITNESS, while putting focus on their individual goals, regardless of where they live or how busy their schedule might be!
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